KPFB interview: Women veterans’ reintegration

Yesterday I was interviewed by Vylma Ortiz on her show “Goddess on the Radio” (KPFB Berkeley, 89.3 FM) about some of the barriers that women veterans face upon returning home from war – even though the shows aren’t archived, my friend Steve was so kind as to record it for me. So give Steve a big old thank-you hug if you listen to this interview, and if you have any comments, please share them. (Even if you’re a troll, because you might as well feel welcome somewhere.)

The first segment of the show contains a piece about Jane Addams, and an excerpt from a moving YouTube video called “How 55,000 Female Veterans Ended Up On the Streets.” The interview is in the second segment, along with a few of my songs.

KPFA radio appearance, 3/3/14

Listen here!

I did an interview with Kate Raphael on her show Women’s Magazine on KPFA – we talked about my music, the Global Try Not To Be A Dick Movement, and the importance of looking on the funny side of life. I played a couple-few songs, too – one is “Talking National Park Service Beat My Ass Black & Blues,” which I wrote about my arrest in Philadelphia last summer. I’m on the second segment of the show, after a moving interview with Col. Ann Wright, a former Army colonel-turned-activist who resigned her commission in protest of the Iraq war.

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