The “Try Not To Be A Dick” official music video is finally here!

It only took four years after writing the song, but the official “Try Not To Be A Dick” music video has finally come to be! While I was on tour this summer, some friends in Philly generously offered to help me make my first for-realsies music video, and the results are yours to judge. Watch it, share it, Like it, play it for a few choice people in your office … and pat yourself on the back in advance, for trying not to be a dick.

Written & Produced by Emily Yates
Camera & Editing by Liam McGlynn
Directed by Emily Yates & N.A. Poe

Featuring N.A. Poe, Jordan Damiani, Corey Cohen, Steve Duffy, Adam Flicker, Kevin Gallagher, Andrew Gellar, Tony & Jo, random irate Philly drivers, and Ulysses, Ked, Sarah and the staff at Classics Unisex salon on S. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA.