New video! “I’d Rather Be High (Than An Asshole)”

IT’S HERE! Ever since I released Folk In Your Face, I’ve been wanting to make a video for “I’d Rather Be High (Than An Asshole)” and now here it finally is – directed by Jamie DeWolf, featuring some of my favorite Bay Area performers! I wrote this song because not only did marijuana help me quit smoking cigarettes after I got out of the military, it also helped me deal with PTSD and generally be less of an asshole. Video & track credits below. Get the song here!

Two years ago today, I was standing trial in Philadelphia, having being violently arrested and jailed by some adorable-looking park rangers near the Liberty Bell the summer before. I’d been waiting in the 90º shade to play my song “I’d Rather Be High (Than An Asshole)” at a marijuana legalization demonstration later in the afternoon. The rangers had aggressively taken me down after refusing to tell me the reason they were clearing the park, and I later found out it was because they were using that area to process the herb they’d seized from demonstrators. The deep irony of the arrest – that I’d been prevented from playing this song due to the rangers being assholes about a marijuana demonstration – inspired me to release this video today, on the second anniversary of my conviction. And hey, Californians will be voting tomorrow on cannabis legalization! WHAT A COINCIDENCE.

Shot by
Jamie DeWolf and Gabriel Hurley

Edited by
Adam Parmalee

Assistant Director
Sara Shea

Supporting Cast

Angry Commuter Man
Patrick Ohslund

Weed Fairies
Kaila Love
Laika Fox

Sexy Cops
Jesi Ringofire
Wonder Dave
Police Brutality Victim
Duke Bossman

Emalee McNally
Scott Kimball
Carrie Jean Miller
Brenna Miller
Jaron Smith

Jamie DeWolf

Song Credits

Lyrics & Music by Emily Yates

Ukulele/lead vocals
Emily Yates
Jordan Feinstein
Erik Yates
Backup vocals
Melody Walker & Erik Yates

“Drugs Are Bad” in the Tiny Desk Contest!

I decided to enter NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest again this year with a new tune called “Drugs Are Bad”  – let’s call it an ode to the double standard. If it brightens your day even a smidgen, feel free to brighten mine by taking a second to Like/share/comment on the YouTube. Thanks!

Copy/paste/click if the video doesn’t show up:

Videography by Sheldon Edward Steere

New Official Holiday song & video: “Please Don’t F With Me (This Xmas)”

"We made a video!"
“We made a video!”

Buy the song here and watch the video below! Keep on scrolling for lyrics and other info. Happy f’ing holidays, fellow weirdos!

I don’t need a lot for Xmas
There is just one thing I want
I just want one single day when
People wouldn’t be such ¢unts
We don’t have to be a saint
Just stay off each other’s taint
And make the world less cruel
Just this Xmas, don’t be a tool …

Please don’t f@¢k with me this Xmas
I promise not to f@¢k with you
Peace on earth and brotherhood are well and good it’s true,
But let’s not sh*t ourselves – that’s more than most of us can do
So just please don’t f@¢k with me this Xmas

Please don’t f@¢k with me this Xmas
You’ve got the other 364
If you’ve got an issue, here’s a tissue, there’s the door
But don’t start sh*t today, that’s what New Year’s Eve is for
Oh just please don’t f@¢k with me this Xmas

Can’t be nice the whole year through
But for just one day, I won’t bother you
I’m not asking for world peace
Just for one damn day when you won’t f@¢k with me

Please don’t f@¢k with me this Xmas
I promise not to f@¢k with you
Peace on earth and brotherhood are well and good it’s true,
But let’s not sh*t ourselves – that’s more than most of us can do
So just please don’t f@¢k with me
I said don’t f@¢k with me
I wish you wouldn’t f@¢k with me
Motherf@¢ker, I said don’t f@¢k with me
Oh please don’t f@¢k with me this Xmas
Released December 8, 2015
Emily Yates: vocals, ukulele, hand claps, jingle balls
Erik Yates: bass, hand claps

Video/audio produced/engineered by E. & E. Yates (Tiny Kitchen Records)
Videography by Sheldon Steere
Video editing by Emily Yates

Featuring Emily Yates, Erik Yates, Sheldon Steere, Jennifer, Caleb, Emalee, Jason, Jean, and a hula-hooping snowman

Special thanks to the Church of Chill, to Jamie DeWolf and the amazing people of Tourettes Without Regrets for putting me on stage and giving me the idea to make this video!

The “Try Not To Be A Dick” official music video is finally here!

It only took four years after writing the song, but the official “Try Not To Be A Dick” music video has finally come to be! While I was on tour this summer, some friends in Philly generously offered to help me make my first for-realsies music video, and the results are yours to judge. Watch it, share it, Like it, play it for a few choice people in your office … and pat yourself on the back in advance, for trying not to be a dick.

Written & Produced by Emily Yates
Camera & Editing by Liam McGlynn
Directed by Emily Yates & N.A. Poe

Featuring N.A. Poe, Jordan Damiani, Corey Cohen, Steve Duffy, Adam Flicker, Kevin Gallagher, Andrew Gellar, Tony & Jo, random irate Philly drivers, and Ulysses, Ked, Sarah and the staff at Classics Unisex salon on S. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA.