Over the years, some very nice people have said some very nice things:

“Emily Yates writes and sings songs that will make you laugh because they’re witty and are based in a subject matter of unspeakable truths. You’ll think it’s funny when she recommends you ‘try not to be a dick’ or confesses she’d ‘rather be high than an asshole,’ but you’ll realize she’s right. Underneath the dark, dirty humor might be the advice you’ve been seeking to help you be a happier human.”
Paul Hoffman, Greensky Bluegrass

“There are patriots, and there are artists—in the best of countries, they coexist. Emily Yates is *the* musical intersection of patriotic devotion, satiric comedy, and a light hearted approach to reformation of Americana Culture. Try not to be a dick, and you’ll experience the difference too!”
– Colin Huff, formerly of Gipsy Moon

“Emily certainly knows how to make an impression. Even at first listen in a crowded bar, a song like ‘Northern California Love Song’ can become a sing-along by the third chorus. Though there are a lot of words to get down, it feels like they have somehow been in your heart all along.”
– Joe Hickey, Hangover Brigade

“When Emily takes the stage you feel like she is channeling Woody Guthrie. She’s a natural and belongs right there, carrying on Woody’s spirit, writing songs about subjects that matter!”
– Maggie Forti, singer-songwriter


“Only Ms. Yates can make me shout out loud at a stoplight on a Tuesday morning, ‘Oh my fucking GOD, Emily!'”
– Karen P.

“Emily Yates’ modern and original take on American folk is both humorous and refreshing. Even if you don’t have the gall to be as honest as she is, at the very least you can live vicariously through her song by song on each of her albums.”
– Zollie G.

“Emily Yates is the full manifestation of lovely humor, wit, thoughtfulness, fun, and intelligence in topical and memorable songwriting. (Maybe a bit too memorable, with her songs getting stuck in my head.)”
– Patrick G.

“I just like how Emily exploded like the right kind of bomb – without hurting anybody, and yet shamelessly blasting. I hope she continues to blow up.”
– Teresa Rogerson, stand-up comic


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