New video: “My Money & Your War”

A tax day ditty for the warmongers. (With profound apologies for my amateur editing skills.) Lyrics below the video!

Well, my money and your war don’t get along well anymore
It seems they had a little falling out
My money just felt spent on their relationship
Told your war to pack its crap and get on out

But your war won’t leave my money alone
It’s everywhere we go, on and on and on it drones
It clearly doesn’t know that no means no
No, your war won’t leave my money alone

My money and your war have tried to separate before
But your war still came around every day
My money wasn’t buying all those lines that it was trying
Told your war to shut its trap and go away


My money told your war, “I just can’t take this anymore,
I’ve gotta invest myself in different ways.
When I tell you I need space, you just get up in my face,
Now for the last damn time –
Take your drones, and your bombs, and your bases, and your combat troops, and your non-combat troops,
And go bother someone else’s money for a change.”


No, your war won’t leave my money
It just won’t leave my money
I wish it would leave my money ALONE!

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